Technical Illustrating

In one of my other lives, I'm a technical illustrator and graphic artist. I do paint and draw for my own uses, but I've been rather busy the last few decades and usually do creative work only when paid to do so. See the Creations page for examples of things I've done for my own use and enjoyment.

My main claim to fame as an illustrator are illustrations in a series of comparative anatomy textbooks, first by Dr. George Kent and more recently by Dr. Dominique Homberger.

I have also done illustrations for the LSU departments of Entomology, Botany and Biology, and the Natural History Museum. I have included a few examples of my work on this page.

The pictures I have scanned were of works in progress and not the finished work, since that would be infringing on the copyright of the textbook for which they were contracted.

Should you need work done, feel free to contact me. I'd love an excuse to do something creative!

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