I was always fascinated by how things work and how they are made. With a bit of research, planning and practice, almost anything is possible. The most difficult part is choosing the goal.

Multiple mediums have been explored through the years. I learn and use whichever suits the outcome.

Many of the most recent items were made for my daughter, for Halloween, Texas Renaissance Festival, school, or play. Many others were made as gifts for family or friends. Some were just - well - because...

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Pencil sketches
Pastels (I did this one when I was 12!)
Fantasy in wire and fabric
When you pull a hidden line, the wings open and you can make them flap! >>>>>
The wings hang down for convenience until a pull on the lines open them for show >>>
I do a lot of sewing projects. This dress I made for my sister's wedding, including hand-sewn lace and seed pearls
I did a number of projects back in the eighties for lamp shades, hanging tables and shelves, and jewelry
Yep! I built this too! Its an 11' sailing skiff built with marine plywood on fir ribs. The PVC on the top is to support the tarp so it doesn't fill with water. A friend gave me the trailer. Thanks friend!

It was launched and rowed once, then a tree fell on it during Gustav. Now it awaits repair. <sigh>

More to come!