Hawaii 2008

Sunday, April 13: Oahu
AVI - pan of Turtle Bay Resort from ocean side

Monday, April 14: Oahu
AVI - sunset from hotel balcony

Tuesday, April 15: Oahu
slideshow - early morning hotel and point, hike along west shore, Jim's talk, Luau
AVI - waves crossing point

Wednesday, April 16:
We flew from Oahu to Hawai'i (the "Big Island"), so there wasn't much to take photos of except what I could see out my window

Thursday, April 17:
slideshow - Field trip to see hazards of Hawai'i. Volcano National Park, sinking subdivision, Tsunami museam, etc.
AVI - Kilauea Caldera and active smoke plume
AVI - Close up of active volcano smoke plume

Friday, April 18:
slideshow - exploring the northeast shoreline of Hawai'i
AVI - Onomea Beach surf
AVI - Akata waterfall (shot sideways, because it was too tall)
AVI - surf at Laupahoehoe Point, which is a park now as a memorial to a town that got destroyed by a tsunami in 1946.

Saturday, April 19:
Explored the Liliuokalani Gardens next to our hotel (Hilo Hawaiian), then drove all the way around the island. The west side of Hawai'i is the drier side, so more of the lave fields are evident. The locals graffiti the black lava fields with white rocks. We wanted to go snorkeling, but the weather was too windy, overcast and cool (!). We drove past giant wind farms to the southern most point in the USA.

Sunday, April 20:
- drove south from Hilo past the Volcano National Park to a black sand beach at Punalu'u Beach Park. Hawaiian green sea turtles were in the cove eating the seaweed off the rocks, and came up right next to our feet.
- drove part way up Mauna Loa on a one lane road to see sites and wildlife.
- drove to east side of lava flow and hiked out to shore to wait for dark to watch the steam glow. slideshow
AVI - reflection of lava in the steam created when the ocean waves struck the lava face

Monday, April 21:
- Waipi'o Valley hike. Down one very steep road to the gray sand beach, waterfall under overlook, hike down beach, hike up very steep switch-back. Then back again.
slideshow -

Tuesday, April 22:
- Switched to Kona side of the Island, to King Kamehameha Hotel.
- drove up to the very top of Mauna Kea (13,796 ft) to see the observatories and got snowed on. I get altitude sickness, so I was moving verrry sloooowwwly....
slideshow -

Wednesday, April 23:
- Rented a kayak and went snorkeling! Jim got to swim with some wild spinner dolphins, but I had forgotten my mask and we had to paddle back to the dock for it. We swam half the length of the cove to the Captain Cook monument at the other end, and then spent a lot of time diving to look at the fish. Popular spot - there were hundreds of tourists flailing about in the water that we had to avoid.
slideshow -
AVI- panned the cove from the monument.

Thursday, April 24:
- Slow morning. Wanted to go flying, but the atmosphere would not clear. Volcano Park closed today because of too much gas (SO2). Went snorkeling right off hotel beach, and it turned out to be a wonderfully interesting swim.
- Later we went to the Luau right next to the hotel and had a great time. movie
- took pictures of Jim next to some trophy Marlins caught off the island.
slideshow -

Friday, April 25:
-Historical native Hawaiian site at Honokua Beach, with restored canoe house, fish trap which let fish in at high tide and trapped them at low tide, and fish pond where the natives would keep the fish until they wanted to eat them. Aerial images flying back to Oahu
slideshow -

Saturday-Sunday, April 26-27:
- Breakfast at he Pagoda Restaurant which sits over a big fish pond. The USS Arizona Memorial. Walking along Ala Moana Beach Park (just west of Waikiki Beach). Diamondhead Crater and Punchbowl National Cemetary. Flying back to NO.
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