Zoe Marie Bourdon (b. c1810 Normandy, France; d. 8/30/1905 Biloxi, MS)

1. Arsenie Oniezeme Bourdon (b.3/24/1845 Normandy, France; d.8/30/1901 Biloxi, MS) 

married 1867 to Marie D. Carper (b.1847 Gascony, France; d.7/22/1901)
         daughter of Zoe Carper (b. c1825)
They had eight children:

1.1 Zoe  Bourdon

1.2. Arsenie Oniezeme Bourdon, Jr. (b.11/28/1868 New Orleans, LA; d.9/23/1959 Biloxi, MS)

married  10/30/1899 in New Orleans to
Katherine Griffen (b. 1876; d.1921 Biloxi, MS)

1.2.1. Arsenie Oniezeme Bourdon (b.6/14/1902; d.___Tegucigalpa, Honduras)
        married but no children before dying of a tropical fever in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

1.2.2. Eric Robeson Bourdon (b.6/14/1902 Biloxi, MS; d.1958 Biloxi, MS)

married May Charlotte Walker (b.5/23/1900; d.6/14/1977)
       (her second husband; 1st was Otis A. Singletary)
     May was the daughter of ___Jones and Scotty Walker

Her sons:
John Singletary (b.9/21/1918)
Otis Arnold Singletary (b.10/02/1919) Eric Robeson Bourdon, Jr. (b.2/14/1936 Biloxi, MS)
Assistant Director of the Los Angeles County Small Craft Harbor and Beaches Department

married March 10, 1956 in Tulare, CA to
Glenda Sue Williams (b. 4/15/1937 Tulare, CA --d. 2007 AZ)
Deputy District Attorney Stuart Arnold Bourdon (b.10/13/1956 Tulare, CA)
photographer - feature editor for Four Wheeler Magazine

married September 22, 1985 in Los Angeles, CA to
Toni Lynn Alfano (b.11/13/1956)    --divorced Erica Lynn Bourdon (3/9/1988 Los Angeles, CA) Glenn Cameron Bourdon (b.5/6/1958 Fresno, CA)
manager of production for Image Systems, a small computer company       

married 8/15/1989 in Hawaii to Irene Toyama (b. 4/17/1958 Hawaii) Jeffrey Glenn Bourdon (b.7/15/1991 Riverside, CA) Phillip Scot Bourdon (b.6/22/1962 Phoenix, AZ)
California State University - Civil Engineering

married February 14, 1988 in Placerville, CA to
Athena Re' Fischer (1/3/1961___________)  Alexandria Chloe Bourdon (b. 2/5/1991 Santa Ana, CA)

1.2.3. Enez Marie Bourdon (b.12/1/1908 Biloxi, MS; d.8/  /1990 Vicksburg, MS)
unmarried, English teacher in Vicksburg, MS

1.2.4. Arsene Oswald Westphal (b.11/4/1921 Pascagoula, MS - d. 8/11/2006 Pascagoula, MS)
             Mother:  Verna Mildred Vancourt  (See Westphal lineage)

1.3. Melanie Bourdon (b. 1870 New Orleans, LA; d.1903 Biloxi, MS)
1.4. Alice Bourdon (b. 1875 New Orleans, LA; d.11/25/1922 Biloxi, MS)

1.5. Andrew Joseph Bourdon (b. 1876 New Orleans, LA; d. 1913*)
*Library notes d.10/10/12 but tombstone says 1913.

married 12/19/1909 to Rosa Kuhn (b. 1878; d.1942)

1.6. Lily Rose Bourdon (b. 1880; d.1951)

married T.K. Devitt (b. 1883; d. 1946)

1.7. Frederic Albert Bourdon (b. 1882;  d. 1909*)
   *Library notes say d.6/4/1908 but tombstone says 1909

1.8. Marie Bourdon  (No dates on tombstone)
         married ___________ Lewis