Fischer Geneology

Frederick Fischer (Fisher)
     (b.5/22/1818 Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany d.11/5/1895 New Orleans)
Immigrated to U.S. 1828-1830 and resided at Poughkeepsie, New York until he moved to New Orleans, Louisiana in 1939.  Began a lumber business that accumulated some wealth for the family.

Age at death: 77
married Anna Maria Bockrad   (b.1820  d.4/25/1855) 
  Anna died giving birth to their 6th child.
They had 6 children:

1.1. Frederick Fischer    (b.7/14/1844   d.5/24/1884 New Orleans, LA)

1.2. Anna Maria Fischer   (b.1845 d.8/25/1846 New Orleans, LA) 1
1.3. Valentine Fischer        (b.1847   d.7/13/1849 New Orleans, LA) 2
1.4. Maria Elizabeth Fischer  (b.1850   d.5/12/1851)  8m
1.5. George Jacob Fischer       (b.5/16/1853   d.6/16/1853 New Orleans, LA)  1m
1.6. Jacob Francis Fischer       (b.4/25/1855   d.3/5/1876 New Orleans, LA) 21

married his second wife August 11, 1855
Anna Victoria Draxler    (b.9/10/1829 Austria   d.1/22/1907 New Orleans, LA)
Frederick and Anna had 9 children:

1.7. Elizabeth Victoria Fischer (b.2/18/1857  d.6/13/1857 New Orleans, LA) 4m

1.8. Anna Victoria Fischer          (b.3/7/1858    d.  )
      married October 25,1883 to John J. Schott

1.9. Laura Maria Elisa Fischer           (b.12/9/1859            d.1937)
married January 20, 1885 to
Frederick C. Westphal 
Fischer/Westphal Family


1.10. Conrad Beauregard Fischer            (b.12/8/1861            d.9/6/1937 N.O.)
     married August 11, 1884 to Cornelia Elizabeth B. Hoey


1.11. Theodore Joseph Fischer             (b.6/2/1864   d.  )
     married January 20, 1885 to Marie (May) Chapman

1.12. Emile Oscar Fischer            (b.12/22/1865    d.1943)
     married March 4, 1886 to Eugenie Dupre


1.13. Marie Antoinette Fischer            (b.11/9/1867   d.3/31/1933 N.O.) 
      married John Wilson Fagan


1.14. Joseph Ludwig Seraphine Fischer            (b.8/22/1870   d.1927) 
married April 30, 1895 to Leonora Hooker

1.15. Caroline Ida Blanche Fischer            (b.9/18/1872   d.3/2/1873) 6m