Purdy Geneology

1. Henry (Harry) Herbert Purdy (b.12/ 1869 St.John's, Nova Scotia d.11/1931, Pascagoula, MS)
He was the 7th child of James Gilbert Purdy (b.5/5/1832 Clements, Nova Scotia d.1/1/1913)
and Sarah Fairn (b.10/29/1832 Nova Scotia d.10/5/1915)
         married 1897 in New York, NY to
         Mary Melitine (Minnie) Durocher (b.11/2/1880 Ogdenburg, NY d.5/1923 Mobile, AL)
                        Both are buried in the Greenwood Cemetery in Pascagoula, MS.
They had 7 children:
1.1. Harry Herbert Purdy, Jr. (b.1/18/1898 New York, NY d.7/26/1945 Pascagoula, MS)
                  married 8/16/1923 in Trenton, MI to
                  Marion Elizabeth Coan (b.7/5/1902 Brighton, MI) Still living in Trenton, MI.
Purdy/Coan Family
1.2. Joseph William Purdy (b.9/26/1899 NY,NY d.1/2/1959 Pascagoula, MS)
        married September 19, 1924 in El Paso, TX
        to Ivon Denise Johnson (b.11/2/1900 Pascagoula, MS d.2/17/1993 Pasc., MS)
Purdy/Johnson Family

1.3. Margerie (Madge) Melitine Purdy (b.2/10/1901 Bronx, NY d.7/15/1978 Foley, AL)
      married July 10, 1920 in Pascagoula, MS to
          Paul ________ Schreck (b.7/6/1894 Zerbst, Germany d.8/3/1968 New Orleans, LA)
Purdy/Schreck Family

1.4. Gerald Robert Purdy (b.6/16/1902 NY,NY d.8/6/1971 Pasc., MS)
         Draftsman, boat-builder, pattern maker for casting parts in a foundry, loftsman,
scale-models of ships, etc.
    married 3/14/1925 in Pascagoula, MS
Ruth Mordello Gautier (b.4/7/1903 Pasc., MS d.1/13/1984 Pasc.,MS)
Purdy/Gautier-1 Family

1.5. Edna Lillian Purdy (b.5/17/1904 NY, NY  d.8/22/1978 Pascagoula, MS)
        married 5/31/1924 to
      Henry Elmer Gautier (b.5/16/1900 Pascagoula, MS   d.1/21/1984 Salem, NC ?)
    Henry was cremated and both are buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Pascagoula, MS.
Purdy/Gautier-2 Family

1.6. Charles Arthur Purdy (b.12/18/1906 NY, NY d.3/15/1983 Pascagoula, MS)
                  Boatbuilder most of his life.
       Married to Gladys Marie Pounds (b.12/5/1916 Pasc., MS  d. 6/5/1993 Pasc., MS)
            No children. Both are buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Pascagoula, M

1.7. Franklin (Frank) Wilson Purdy (b.6/3/1916 NY, NY)
         married 10/17/1942 in Boston, MA to
         Julia Elizabeth (“Liz”) Silverthorn (b.1/24/1917 Molson, WA)
Purdy/Silverthorn Family

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1.1. Harry Herbert Purdy, Jr. (b.1/18/1898 New York, NY d.7/26/1945 Pascagoula, MS)
                  married 8/16/1923 in Trenton, MI to
                  Marion Elizabeth Coan (b.7/5/1902 Brighton, MI) Still living in Trenton, MI.

1.1.1. John (Jack) Gilbert Purdy (b.11/27/1924 Trenton, MI d.1/25/1997 ____, CA)
             married 8/__/1948 in Trenton, MI to Patricia Catherine Fogarty (b.3/13/29) Cynthia Lee Purdy (b.5/5/1949 Trenton, MI) (stepdaughter) Jack Gilbert Purdy, Jr. (b.5/19/1954 Trenton, MI)
             married 8/15/1983 to  Denise _____ Musso (b.____________ Dustin ________ Purdy (b.7/13/1985 Trenton, MI) Austin ________ Purdy (b.7/2/1988 Trenton, MI) Susan Marie Purdy (b.8/10/1961 Trenton, MI)
     auto accident left her paralyzed from waist down
      unmarried, lives in Long Beach, CA

JGP, Sr. remarried 5/__/1975 to Jacqueline LaBeau (b.______ Trenton, MI)

1.1.2. Virginia Ann (Sis) Purdy (b. 3/16/1927 Trenton, MI - Wyandotte Hospital)
        (*provided most of the information on her family)
      married 2/19/1949 to
  Harold V. Herndon (b._______ Trenton, MI) -- divorced Daniel Anthony Herndon (b.8/8/1950 Trenton, MI)

VAP remarried 9/7/1956 in Trenton, MI to
Darwish M. Darwish (Lebanese) (b.8/5/1919 Michigan City, IN d. 3/25/1996 Trenton, MI) Terry James Darwish (b.10/8/1957 Trenton, MI d.7/2/1983 Columbus, OH)
         married 8/4/1978 to Mary Willis (b. Columbus, OH) Amy Christina Darwish (b.12/27/1979 Columbus, OH)
married 8/10/2005 in Las Vegas, NV to Michael Jason VanHoose Megan Pauline VanHoose (b.12/28/2006 Columbus, OH) Virginia Leigh VanHoose (b.5/25/2009 Westerville, OH) Peggy Jane Darwish (b.4/2/1959 Trenton, MI)
         married 9/14/1991 in Dearborn Heights, MI to
         Kenneth Paul Grybel (b.10-10-1953 Wyandotte, MI) Jeffrey Daniel Grybel (b.6/29/1993 Detroit, MI) Matthew Roberts Grybel (b.6/13/95 Detroit, MI)

1.2. Joseph William Purdy (b.9/26/1899 NY,NY d.1/2/1959 Pascagoula, MS)
        married September 19, 1924 in El Paso, TX
        to Ivon Denise Johnson (b.11/2/1900 Pascagoula, MS d.2/17/1993 Pasc., MS)

1.2.1. Ivon Marjorie ("Mitzi") Purdy (b.6/27/1925 Pasc., MS)
      married 2/27/1949 in Pascagoula, MS to
      James Cadenhead Hinman (b.1/1/1920 Greenwood, MS d.6/1/1995 Pascagoula, MS) Mary Anne Hinman (b.8/28/1952 Pasc.,MS d.11/25/1995 Pasc.,MS)       breast cancer
            married 3/6/1976 in Pascagoula, MS to
            John Christopher McNally (b. 12/14/1949 Gulfport, MS) Emily Clare McNally (b. 9/17/1976 Pasc., MS) Daniel Joseph McNally (b.9/26/1980 Pasc., MS) Caitlin Denise McNally (b.2/23/1988 Pasc., MS) Emily Jane Hinman (b.4/6/1955 Pasc., MS)
         married 9/8/1985 in Johnston, TX to
          Michael Holly Smith (b.6/11/1945 Austin, TX) James Michael Smith (b.9/2/1986 Pasc., MS) Andrea Helen Smith (b.12/23/1987 Pasc., MS) Rebecca Anne Smith (b.11/16/1989 Kent, WA) Alexander William Smith (b.11/4/1991 Kent, WA) Patrick Anthony Smith (b. 7/29/1993 Ashville, NC) Rosemary Jane Smith (b. 9/11/1995 James Patrick Hinman (b.3/13/1957 Pasc., MS
         married 2/4/1984 in Pascagoula, MS
          to Peggy Lynn Kensler (b.12/5/1961 Pasc., MS) Matthew Patrick Hinman (b.8/14/1984 Vicksburg, MS) Megan Elizabeth Hinman (b.10/24/1986 Vicksburg, MS) Munson Paul Hinman (b. 3/14/1962 Pascagoula, MS)
            unmarried; Chiropractor in Pascagoula

1.2.2. Mary Angela Purdy (b.10/2/1926 Pasc., MS)
            A) married first husband 3/16/1948 in New Orleans, La.
                Edgar Joseph Granger (b.1/20/1920 New Orleans, La.) Anne Marie ("Amy") Granger (b.2/26/1949 Pasc., MS)
                married Angela _______ (b. 8/24/1968 Shreveport, LA)

B) Mary married second husband 5/31/1957 in Pascagoula, MS
          Herbert Keldjson Christianson (Chris) (b.2/14/1929 Detroit, MI Carol Denise Christianson (b.11/17/1960 Shreveport, LA) Kathlene Fern Christianson (b.2/20/1964 Shreveport, LA) Herbert Keldjson (Kelly) Christianson, Jr. (b.6/26/1965 Shreveport, LA) Casey Douglas Christianson (b.7/21/1968 Shreveport, LA)
                married to _____________ Karen ________ Christianson (b.11/1/1991 Shreveport, LA) Casey ________Christianson (b.2/25/1988 Shreveport, LA)

1.2.3. Joseph (Joe) Merlin Purdy (b.12/11/1927 Pasc., MS d.______/1997 Biloxi, MS)
           married April 15, 1950 in New Orleans, LA to
          Ruth Marie Gatti (b.4/14/1929 New Orleans, LA d.___________) Joseph Merlin Purdy, Jr. (b. 2/27/1951 New Orleans, LA) David John Purdy (b.11/5/1952 New Orleans, LA d. 11/9/____ San Francisco, CA) Donna Marie Purdy (b.10/23/1953 New Orleans, LA)
          A) married _________ in New Orleans, LA to Billy Cumbest Billy __________Cumbest Kathy __________ Cumbest
B) Donna married second husband Henry _________ Gagney Ross __________Gagney Daughter Judy Ann Purdy (b. 11/5/1954 New Orleans, LA., d.4/15/1988 Alexandria, LA.) Patrick Ross Purdy (b.3/21/1958 New Orleans, LA) Michael Anthony Purdy (b.8/18/1959 New Orleans, LA) Ruth Ann Purdy (b.4/29/1961 New Orleans, LA) Timothy Joseph Purdy (b.10/4/1968 New Orleans, LA)

1.2.4. Donald William ("Dink") Purdy (b.4/17/1929 Mobile, AL)    singer and piano player

1.2.5. Jacquelyn Ann Purdy (b.9/12/1930 Mobile, AL)
         married 5/2/1954  in Pascagoula, Miss. to
          Robert David (Chappie) Chapman (b.8/17/1926 Melville, LA d.________ Pasc., MS) Nancy Suzanne Chapman (b.2/18/1955 Pasc., MS)
         married 9/21/1973 in Pascagoula, Miss. to
              Erroll Lee Ryals (b.6/19/1953 Gulfport, MS) Erin LeAnn Ryals (b.3/21/1974 Pasc., MS)
             married _________ in ____________ to Benjamin Paul Myers
       Chelsea LeAnn Myers (b.8/27/1992
    Mandy ________ Myers (b.8/28/1993
   Kara ________ Myers (b.11/29/1994 Erroll Lee Ryals, Jr. (b.1/4/1977 Pasc., MS) Eric Lawrence Ryals (b.2/24/1978 Pasc., MS)
        Boy Elliot Lance Ryals (b.2/8/1980 Jackson, MS) Steven Nathanial Ryals (b.10/28/1984 Jeffrey David James Ryals (b.4/27/1988 Jackson, MS) Mark David Chapman (b.4/4/1956 Pasc., MS)
          married 12/31/1975 in Pascagoula, Miss. to
             Sharon Ann Clark (b.4/4/1956 Sacramento, CA) April Lynn Chapman (b.8/13/1976 Pasc., MS
       Julie Kimberly Dawn Chapman (b.2/3/1978 Pasc., MS) Paul David Chapman (b.5/31/1981 San Jose, CA) Julie Ann Chapman (b.4/26/1984 San Jose, CA) John Eric Chapman (b.9/21/1957 Pasc., MS)
              married 9/25/1982 in Pascagoula, Miss. to
              Laurie Ann Langley (b.7/22/1963 Pasc., MS) Adam Christopher Page Chapman (b.1/29/1983 Pasc., MS) Johni Lauren Renee' Chapman (b.7/20/1986 Pasc., MS) Bradley Taylor Chapman (b.10/18/1989 Pasc., MS) Joseph Quinn Chapman (b.1/8/1959 Pasc., MS)
                married 12/31/1988 in Largo, Fla. to
                Beth Ann Scharrer (b.11/18/1958 Boardman, Ohio) Joseph Nemer Chapman (b. 7/7/1994 Clearwater, FL) Paul Douglas Chapman (b.4/18/1960 Pasc. MS)
              married 5/18/1985 in Pascagoula, Miss. to
              Gina Michelle Walters (b.1/9/1966 Pasc., MS) Hilary Michelle Chapman (b.1/20/1988 Pasc., MS) Sara Ann Chapman (b.8/4/1961 Pasc., MS)
              married 8/20/1983 in Pascagoula, Miss. to
            Timothy Paul Takas (b.12/26/1959 Fullerton, CA) Cecilia Patrice Takas (b.4/20/1986 New Orleans, LA) Timothy Patrick Takas (b.2/29/1988 New Orleans, LA) Rachel Elizabeth Takas (b.11/6/1989 New Orleans, LA) Robert David Chapman, III (b.1/31/1963 Pasc., MS)
              married 3/19/1986 in Houston, Texas to
              Danna Lynn Hall (b.11/7/1962 New Iberia, LA) Katie Ann Chapman (b.10/3/1988 Houston, TX Robert David Chapman, IV (b.3/7/1992 Houston, TX) Rosemary Chapman (b.3/21/1964 Pasc., MS)
               married 2/26/1984 in Pascagoula, Miss. to
               Michael Merritt Dickenson (b.12/9/1952 Hattiesburg, MS) Allison Ann Dickenson (b. 11/11/1985 Pasc., MS) David Charles Dickenson (b. 6/28/1989 Pasc., MS) Michael Gerard Chapman (b.11/30/1965 Pasc., MS)

1.2.6. Alice Suzanne (Sue) Purdy (b.11/9/1932 Mobile, AL)
           married 6/27/1954 in Pascagoula, Miss. to
          Phillip George Frank (b.5/30/1931 p.Brooklyn, NY) Patricia Ann Frank (b.2/5/1958 New Orleans, LA) Pamela Jane Frank (b.6/20/1959 Clearwater, FL) Phillip George Frank (b.7/15/1960 Clearwater, FL) Joseph Purdy Frank (b.2/15/1963 Clearwater, FL) Richard Leonard Frank (b.1/26/1965 Clearwater, FL)

1.2.7. Jane Agnes Purdy (b. 6/21/1935 Pasc., MS)
           married 6/27/1954 in Pascagoula, Miss. to
           William Wayne Smythe (b.2/15/1929 Pascagoula, MS  d.8/15/_____) Angela Jeannett Smythe (b.3/3/1956 Pascagoula, MS)
     married 11/11/1971 in _________ to Donald Bourg (b._____ Bridget Ann Bourg (b.7/2/1972 ______
              married 12/24/1923 __________ to Travis _______Watson
     Jack Alexander Watson (b.7/3/1994 _____________ Donald Paul Bourg (9/3/1974 _________
             married 8/26/1995 in __________to April Gaskins (b. ___________
        ________________    (b. 1997 William Wayne Smythe, Jr. (b.11/26/1957 New Orleans, LA) Jennifer Denise Smythe (b.2/2/1959 New Orleans, LA) Mark __________ Smythe (b. 9/10/1979 ________ Marjorie Suzanne (Sue) Smythe (b.6/26/1961 New Orleans, LA)
               married 2/14/1990 in __________ to Lawrence ________ Barrois Amanda Jane Barrois (b. 7/26/1993 ___________ Lauren Patricia Barrois (b. 12/17/1994 _____________ Elizabeth Ann Smythe (b.4/18/1963 New Orleans, LA)
               married 3/1/1985 in ________ to Ruston LeJeune Jessica Leigh LeJeune (b. 1/23/1986 __________ Casey Lauren LeJeune (b. 2/6/1992 __________

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Margerie (Madge) Melitine Purdy (b.2/10/1901 Bronx, NY d.7/15/1978 Foley, AL)
      married July 10, 1920 in Pascagoula, MS to
          Paul ________ Schreck (b.7/6/1894 Zerbst, Germany d.8/3/1968 New Orleans, LA)

1.3.1. Paul Charles Schreck (b.4/18/1921 p.___________ d. 7/18/1995 Lillian, AL)
           married 1944 in ______________ to Eleanor P. Hogan (b.______________ Patricia Ellen Shreck (b.8/13/1945 p.______________
           married ________ in _________ to Gary Maloney (b.___________ Tracy Maloney Timothy Maloney Gwendolyn Maloney Gary Maloney, Jr. (b. __________ d. _______)
died around 10 yrs as a result of a play accident

1.3.2. Joseph Douglas Schreck (b.5/27/1923 p.__________ d.6/25/1948)
           married 1943 in __________to Violet Rogers (b. ____________ Joseph Douglas Shreck, Jr. (b.2/22/1944 p._____________

1.3.3. Anna Melitine ("Sister") Schreck (b3/21/1925 p.____________
          married 1943 in p.____________ to Lawerence Edward Morrissette Lawrence Edward Morrisette (b.5/3/1944 p.______________ Paul Douglas Morrissette (b.12/2/1946 p._______________ Marjorie Yvonne Morrissette (b.1/12/1948 p._____________ Peggy Ann Morrissette (b.8/1/1951 p._______________

1.3.4. Norma Lillian Schreck (b.7/11/1928 p.________________
          A) married d.1947 to Kenneth E.Boykin (b.__ d.___(suicide) Kathy Estelle Boykin (b.6/25/1948 p._______________ Nancy Larrianne Boykin (b.2/13/1950 p.________________ Terri Elizabeth Boykin (b.5/27/1956 p._________________ Annette Dodson Boykin (b.10/19/1957 p.__________________

B) married 1961 to second husband James Estis James Edward Estis (b.10/13/1963

1.3.5. Genevieve Louise Schreck (b.10/23/1933 p._________________
         A) married September 5, 1953 to Daniel E. Findley Jacqueline Denise Findley (b.8/6/1954 Daniel Earl Findley (b.7/28/1957

B) married December 21, 1978 to second husband William Earl White

1.3.6. Gerald Click Schreck (b.3/8/1939
        Click has been a sailmaker for most of his life.
            married 1959 in ____________ to Judith Kavan Linda Shreck (b.10/14/1960 Carla Shreck (b.10/13/1961 Paul Gail Shreck (b.1/21/1963 Gerald Click Shreck (b.8/3/1964 Mona Shreck (b.10/19/1965

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1.4. Gerald Robert Purdy (b.6/16/1902 New York, NY d.8/6/71 Pascagoula, MS)
     married March 14, 1925 to
Ruth Mordello Gautier (b.4/7/1903 Pasc., MS  d.1/13/1984 Pascagoula, MS)
                             They are both buried in Pascagoula, MS.

1.4.1. Shirley Aimee Purdy (b.12/25/1925 Pascagoula, MS)
married November 21, 1946 in Pascagoula, MS to
Arsene Oswald Westphal (b.11/4/1921 Pascagoula, MS - d. 8/11/2006 Pascagoula, MS) [Bourdon]
son of Verna Mildred Mary Van Court and William C. Westphal Daniel Arsene Westphal (b.2/2/1949 Pascagoula, MS)

married June   1969 in Pascagoula, MS to JoAnn Sanchez (b.1/19/1951) --divorced Donna Renae Westphal (b.12/8/1969 Pascagoula, MS)

married February 1, 1997) in New Orleans to
Alan Joseph William (b. 4/18/1962 New Orleans, LA) Emmalee Renae Williams (b. 9/4/1998 New Orleans, LA) Barrett Alan Williams (b. 4/6/2000 New Orleans, LA) Kenneth Arsene Westphal (b. 6/12/1972 Pascagoula, MS)

Ken married September 21, 1996 in Las Vegas, NM
AnnMarie Stormo (b.6/10/1971 CA)                  --- Divorced 6/99 Dylan Arsene Westphal (b.5/30/1998 Tacoma, WA
Ken married his second wife September 17, 2006 in Lacey, WA
Andrea M. Radsdale (b.9/27/1980
(her daughter) Taylor (b.1/20/2000 Macey Claire Westphal (b.8/19/2010 Tacoma, WA

Daniel married his second wife March 17, 1981 in Gautier, MS
Carolyn Ann Dean (b. 6/6/1947)
(her daughter) Tonya Rae Rose (b. 4/9/1966) - married July 2010 Bruce Stephen ("Steve") Westphal (b. 10/10/1950 Pascagoula, MS)

married July 21, 1971 in New Orleans, LA to
Naomi Gorman (b. 2/3/1952 New Orleans, LA)  --divorced Eric Stephen Westphal (b. 6/16/1972 New Orleans, LA - d.1/3/2012 Houston, TX)

married January 11, 1998 in Houston, TX to
“Sarah” Zoraida Carrasco (b.6/20/1971 Ocu’, Panama’)              -- divorced
married 2nd wife November 17, 2009 in Houston, TX
Maura Patricia Barahona (b.6/20/1979 La Paz, El Salvador)
adotped her son: Jessie Nicholas Barahona Westphal (b. 8/28/1997 Houston, TX) Jason Louis Westphal (b. 12/27/1973 New Orleans, LA) Connie Maria Westphal (b. 2/26/1976 New Orleans, LA)
married September 19, 2008 in New Orleans, LA to
Christopher James Sperandeo (b.2/24/1976 New Orleans, LA) Allie Maria Sperandeo (b. 8/4/2011 New Orleans, LA) Isabella Maria Sperandeo (b. 1/2/2014 New Orleans, LA) Michael Alan Westphal (b.5/27/1953 Pascagoula, MS)

married April 2, 1977 in Baton Rouge, LA to
Denise Purcell (b. 4/15/1955 Big Spring, TX) Dustin Michael Westphal (b. 4/19/1980 Baton Rouge, LA) Elliot Thomas Westphal (b. 6/28/1983 Baton Rouge, LA) Hayley Paige Westphal (b. 9/2/1988 Baton Rouge, LA) Karen Aimee Westphal (b. 4/29/1956 Pascagoula, MS)

married July 16, 1983 in Baton Rouge, LA to
James Gillespie Wilkins (b. 3/4/1949 Austin, TX) -- divorced 4/9/2014
His sons:

1) Blaine Gillespie Wilkins (b.1/30/1969 Bossier City, LA)
     married November 11, 1995 in Shreveport, LA to
Angela MicheleTurner (b.8/19/1972)

1.1) Turner Gillespie Wilkins (b.3/23/2004 Shreveport, LA)

2) Shane Gillespie Wilkins (b.4/23/1971 Bossier City, LA)
Karen & Jim's child: Darcy Aimee Wilkins (b.2/22/1989 Baton Rouge, LA) Rebecca Darlene Westphal (b. 2/6/1959 Pascagoula, MS)
married May 30, 1981 in Pascagoula, MS to Roger Terry Butler (b. 6/22/1960 Laurel, MS) Krystal Danielle Butler (b.9/21/1989 Hollywood, FL) (adopted)

married February 24, 2010 in Hurley, MS to
Joseph ("Joey") Ralph Wolfert, Jr (b.1/17/1986 Jacksonville, FL) Cameron Drake Wolfert (b.9/30/2010 Pascagoula, MS) Matthew Christopher Butler (b.12/29/1992 Pascagoula, MS) Tami Celine Westphal (b. 3/10/1961 Pascagoula, MS)

married 3/25/1989 in New Orleans, LA (second marriage)
to Thomas Stephen Do (b. 11/7/1956 Orlando, FL) -- divorced 10/2009 Joshua Thomas Do (b.7/28/1994 New Orleans, LA) Patrick Stephen Do (b.1/12/1996 New Orleans, LA)

1.4.2. Doris Jane Purdy (b. 2/2/1927 Pascagoula,MS)
          married April 15, 1948 to Robert McVae Witchen (b. 9/21/1927) Deborah Jane Witchen (b. 12/6/1950 Biloxi,MS)
                   married November 1971 in Pascagoula, MS to
                   Douglas Burton Leuschen (b.5/31/1949 Erie, PA) - divorced 1974 Andrea Michelle (Leuschen) Fulkerson (b.10/20/1973 Erie, PA)

married 8/6/1994 to John Raymond Fagan (b.6/20/1971 Ashney Nicole Fagan (b.12/29/1996 Pasc Clayton Henry Fagan (b.4/2/2002 Pasc

Debbie married her second husband July 3, 1976 in Pascagoula, MS
Bernard Lloyd Fulkerson, Jr (b.7/27/1948 Chicago, Il) Tina LuAnn Fulkerson (b.6/27/1977 Pasc.,MS)

married 3/21/1998 in Pascagoula, Miss. to Charles (Chuck) David Braden Christian Boyd Braden (b.7/27/1998 Pasc) Hagan Lloyd Dosher (b.11/12/2005 Pasc., Miss.) Jessie Jane' Fulkerson (9/21/1982 Pasc.,MS) Vicki Lynn Witchen (b.10/8/1952 Pasc.,MS)
              married March 26, 1970 in Pascagoula, MS to
              Teddy Russell Sloan (b.8/11/1947 Itawamba, MS d. ) - divorced 9/24/1986 Teddy Russell Sloan, Jr. (b.10/19/1970 Pasc.,MS) Robert Witchen Sloan (b.5/5/1975 Pasc.,MS) Janis Ruth Witchen (b.11/13/1960 Pasc.,MS)
               married July 27, 1985 in Pascagoula, MS to
               Andrew Brian Voda (b.4/17/1961 Huntsville, AL) -- divorced Britni Michelle Voda (b. 9/29/1987 Pasc., MS) Garret Andrew Voda (b. 2/24/1992 Pasc., MS)

1.4.3. Gerald Gilbert Purdy (b.4/1/1928 Pasc.,MS)
          married 1951 in Pascagoula, MS to
          Marjorie Elizabeth Moore (b.10/22/1931)             divorced Cynthia Ann Purdy (b.2/25/1955 Pasc.,MS)

married September 1, 1979 in Ocean Springs, MS to
Randall Rupert Canady (b.3/7/1956 Jacksonville, FL) Erin Nicole Canady (b.8/20/1985 Slidell, LA) Russell Gilbert Canady (b.12/18/1990 Slidell, LA) Kim Elizabeth Purdy (b.7/31/1956 Pasc.,MS - d.5/7/2009 Slidell, LA)

married October 20, 1978 in Pascagoula, MS to
Jerry  Haskins (b. 10/6/1953 Meridian, MS) Ashley Danielle Haskins (b.8/17/1981 Pasc., MS) Kyle Anthony Haskins (b.10/17/1988 Slidell, LA) Ginger Marie Purdy (b. 9/5/1957 Pasc.,MS)

married 3/9/1979 in Homestead, FL to
Kenny Joe Christian (b.8/28/1955 Blyville, AR) Corey Brandon Christian (b.11/3/1985 Bay City,TX) Jason Michael Christian (b.6/20/1988 Bay City,TX) Rebecca Carol Christian (b.12/10/1997 Bay City, TX) Gilbert Ernest Purdy (b.12/10/1959 Pasc.,MS)

married August 7, 1982 in Pascagoula, MS to
Blanche Marie Sumrall (b. 10/10/1960) Moriah Elizabeth Purdy (b. 2/2/1992 Pasc., MS) Bridgett Michelle Purdy (b.12/28/1996 Covington, La.) Toni Annette Purdy (b. 3/23/1961 Pasc., MS)

married August 27, 1988 in Pascagoula, MS to
John Ramond Lindgren, III (b.5/13/1961 Pasc., MS) Monica Hope Lindgren (b.5/13/91 Pasc., MS)
married 2014 John (Jake) Raymond Lindgren, IV (b. 1/14/1995 Pasc Keith Andrew Purdy (b. 9/11/1962 Pasc., MS)

married 2/14/1990 in Pascagoula to Stefanie Edwards           divorced Keith Andrew Purdy, Jr. (b.9/28/1990 Pascagoula, Miss.)

Jerry married his second wife April 7, 1970 in Pascagoula, Miss.
Helen Ann Walker (b.3/9/1938 Pasc., MS)

1.4.4. Beverly Ruth Purdy (b.1/4/1935 Pasc,.MS)

married June 19, 1955 in Pascagoula, MS to Alvie Stafford Walker (b.9/17/1930) Suzan Rene' Walker (b.1/28/1958 Pasc., MS) Judith Carol Walker (b.12/25/1960 Pasc., MS)

married April 15, 1989 in Escatawpa, MS
to William Edgar Ehlers  (b. 11/5/1961 Pascagoula, MS) --Divorced Maddison Rene' Ehlers (b.10/5/90 Pascagoula, MS)
married second husband
Roger Avery Gregory Paul Walker (b.3/23/1964 Pasc., MS) Kevin James Walker (b.8/11/1968 Pasc., MS)
Married to Michelle Holiday
Her daughter: Megan Holiday

1.4.5. Robert Charles Purdy, Sr. (b. 1/15/1940 Pasc., MS)

married June 13, 1959 in Pascagoula, MS to Jacquelene Wimberly (b. 5/14/1940) Robert Charles Purdy, Jr. (b.12/11/1959 Pasc., MS)

married September 13,1980 in Pascagoula, MS to
Marla Jean Rockwell (b.9/30/1961 Pasc., MS) Robert Charles (Chad) Purdy, III (b.6/26/1984 Pasc.,MS)

married ___ in Pascagoula, MS to
Blair Hayward (b.1/5/1985) Caroline James Purdy (b.1/19/2007) ? August 2010 Nicholas Gene Purdy (b.1/17/1991 Pasc., MS) Douglas Eugene Purdy (b.4/16/1962 Pasc., MS)

married September 4, 1987 in Pascagoula, MS to
Dina Marie Wilkie Carpenter (b.12/30/1961)
       (her daughter:)  Natalie Marie Carpenter (b.1/8/1985 Baton Rouge, LA) Todd Douglas Purdy (b. 5/25/1990 Mobile, AL) Michael Eugene Purdy (b. 12/3/1992 Mobile, AL) Lisa Ann Purdy (b. 5/24/1967 in Pascagoula, MS)

married June 25, 1988 in Pascagoula, MS to
James (Jamie) Marion Kelley (b.1/28/1959 Wein, MS)     divorced

married August 28, 1992 in Pascagoula, MS to
Kevin Gerard Morgan (b. 7/26/1962 San Antonio, TX)
     (his son:)    4. Coy Christopher Morgan (b. 5/6/1991) Kayla Ann Morgan (b4/17/1996 New Orleans, La.)
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1.5. Edna Lillian Purdy (b.5/17/1904 NY, NY  d.8/20/1978 Pascagoula, MS)
        married 5/31/1924 to
      Henry Elmer Gautier (b.5/16/1900 Pascagoula, MS   d.1/21/1984 Salem, NC ?)
    Henry was cremated and both are buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Pascagoula, MS.

1.5.1. Henry (Bill) Elmer Gautier, Jr. (b.4/26/1925 Mobile, MS)
           married 2/19/1955 in Pittsburg, PA to Donna Marie Eckels (b.10.17/1931 Bridgeport, PA David Scott Gautier (b.12/11/1956) (adopted 7/1957 Children's Home of Pittsburg) Nancy Lynn Gautier (b.3/1/1961) (adopted 7/1957 Children's Home of Pittsburg)

married 4/3/1982 to Kevin Martin --divorced Kyle William Martin (4/3/1984 Salem, VA Paul Matthew Gautier (b.9/18/1964 Roanoke, VA)
married 3/24/1990 to Tracie Lynn Helms --divorced Rachel Victoria Gautier (b.2/22/1994

1.5.2. Robert (Bob) Adam Gautier (b.5/2/1927 Pasc., MS)
           married November 10, 1951 in Moss Point, MS to
          Geraldine “Gerry” Montez Cronier (b. 4/10/1930 Moss Point, MS Toni Gautier (b.10/14/1952 Pasc., MS) Charles Robert Gautier (b. 3/25/1989 Washington D.C.) Robert Adam Gautier, Jr. (b.12/30/1954 Pasc.,) 

A) married - divorced Brenda Michelle Gautier (b.7/31/1981 Pasc., MS)

B) married second wife November 30, 1985 in Galliano, LA
Ann Marie Pitre (b. 10/6/1960 Galliano, LA
            They now reside in Galliano, LA Michael Alan Gautier (b.1/14/1956 New Orleans, LA)

married May 30, 1995 in Pascagoula, MS to
LaLoni Marie Rosett (b.9/29/1963 Honolulu, Hawaii) Adam Michael Gautier (b.1/1/1996 Teri Gautier (b.9/4/1957 New Orleans, LA)

1.7. Franklin (Frank) Wilson Purdy (b.6/3/1916 NY, NY)
           married 10/17/1942 in Boston, MA
         to Julia Elizabeth (“Liz”) Silverthorn (b.1/24/1917 Molson, WA)

1.7.1. Suzanne Marie Purdy (b.9/27/1943 Boston, MA,
       married to James David Bible Jacob David Bible, Jr. (b.10/27/1973 Kirkwood, WA) Peggy Marie Bible (b.8/23/1977 Kirkwood, WA)

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